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As a homeowner, there are so many things to worry about. Moisture control is probably the last thing that comes to mind.  Many times its too late when you realize you have a problem. This can turn into an expensive and time-consuming issue that no one wants to deal with. Whether it’s in your homes structure or the crawl space, moisture issues leave you open to wood rot and insect damage. Termites are attracted to areas with high moisture levels, this is a major issue which will result in costly repairs to your home. Damage to the flooring structure of your home will happen over time because of the high humidity levels in your home and crawl space. This can also lead to other issues such as mold, mildew, and pests. Let us come inspect your property and create a plan that will eliminate moisture issues and reduce humidity levels in your home.

Moisture control is also important in the prevention of mold or mildew in the home. Having mold or mildew in your house is dangerous for your families health. Potential health risks and symptoms that result from mold exposure include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. The way to control mold growth is to lower the moisture levels in your house.

Making sure you have a good vapor barrier in your crawl space is also important in moisture control, this prevents large amounts of moisture in your walls, ceiling, and floors of your home. Vapor barriers are something we don’t think of but are important in controlling moisture and also improve your energy savings when heating and cooling your home. Don’t just assume that you have this problem under control. Call us and let our trained technicians come and inspect your home. 

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